Temporary Tatoos


Customer Service:

P-Series Stencils and Displays are offered only with EBA’s Premium reusable stencil material. The extreme elasticity of the stencil material allows for airbrush tattoo placement even on the most uneven body parts. P-Series stencils and displays will provide your business with a limitless platform for creativity.

You can choose from dozens of themes from Aquatic, Polynesian and Tribal, Holiday, Traditional, Vintage and many more. Or you can take it to the Extreme in the form of our full tattoo sleeves. We bring you over 1,500 original designs for any gender or generation. And let us not forget about custom designs. Here, the limit is in your minds eye. If you see any of our designs offered by unauthorized EBA dealer please contact our customer service at 1800 991 4322.
To learn more about EBA stencils/displays visit EBA Product Review.


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