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EBA airbrush makeup has been developed for professional makeup artists to ensure superior coverage, wear-ability and spray-ability even in the most extreme conditions. Airbrush Makeup by EBA includes VIBE A/M-water based airbrush makeup formula and the long lasting ENDURACOLOR AIRBRUSH MAKEUP-an alcohol based airbrush makeup. EBA also offers a selection of professional airbrush makeup kits, airbrush makeup systems, airbrush makeup stencils and airbrush makeup machines for airbrushing makeup.

VIBE is a premium water based airbrush makeup that goes on smooth creating completely natural and flawless appearance even under the lights of HD cameras. While Vibe airbrush makeup dries to touch almost immediately after the application it also leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Vibe airbrush make up can be sprayed with as low as 7 psi making it a comfortable experience for the end user. VIBE is a 24 hour moisture and water resistant airbrush makeup yet it can be removed easily with soap and warm water. For those makeup artists demanding increased wear and water resistance VIBE airbrush makeup can be sprayed over with Vibe Clear Coat extending its lifespan for up to 48 hours.

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ENDURACOLOR is an alcohol based makeup that will provide professional airbrush makeup artists with long lasting waterproof makeup results. EnduraColor airbrush makeup can last up to 7 days yet it is removable with rubbing alcohol. EnduraColor airbrush makeup provides excellent coverage with the fastest drying time. EnduraColor airbrush makeup will provide brilliant blending of colors and a highly realistic appearance. Our alcohol airbrush makeup is made of only FDA approved ingredients to make airbrushing makeup always a safe experience. Because of the exceptional water and wear resistance, EBA EnduraColor airbrush makeup is an ideal solution when looking for long lasting airbrush makeup used in airbrushing eyebrows and covering of permanent tattoos, permanent body markings and scars.

EBA VIBE and EnduraColor airbrush makeup products provide an excellent solution for TV airbrush makeup, movie makeup, paramedical makeup and everyday use by consumers airbrushing makeup.
Airbrush makeup stencils are an excellent tool for creating airbrush eyebrows, airbrush lips and airbrush face accents.

EBA Airbrush makeup kits and Airbrush makeup systems consist of complete packages designed for both professionals and beginners. These systems include airbrushes, compressors and accessories for airbrushing makeup. From introductory airbrush makeup kits to professional airbrush makeup systems EBA brings you set ups that will make airbrushing makeup a breeze for anyone.


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