Airbrush Tattoos


EBA provides a wide range of airbrush temporary tattoo services to satisfy your business needs. EBA’s goal is to supply you with options that will assist you whether you are looking to hire an airbrush tattoo artist, starting a business providing airbrush tattoo party services or looking to finance an airbrush temporary tattoo system.

Airbrush Tattoo Party Services - HIRE AN AIRBRUSH TATTOO ARTIST

EBA’s airbrush tattoo party database and services allow us to find an airbrush tattoo artist nearest to your location. This service is Free - EBA does not charge for this airbrush tattoo party service. EBA will provide you with contact information of the closest business providing airbrush tattoo party services in your area and you will communicate the details of your event and rates directly with the company. Please CLICK HERE to contact us to find more about airbrush tattoo party services and businesses available in your area.

Airbrush Tattoo Services - referral program and free airbrush artist directory

Are you a business providing airbrush temporary tattoo services? EBA Referral program nourishes businesses providing airbrush tattoo party services with a free referral of customers interested in hiring airbrush tattoo artists for special events. If you are interested in becoming part of our free airbrush tattoo artist directory and to find out more about our airbrush temporary tattoo services please email to CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Airbrush Tattoo Services - FREE TUTORIALS

Although EBA’s airbrush tattoo systems require no artistic skills European Body Art furnishes a complete on site and DVD marketing and training tutorials to ensure your success and to put you in business in the shortest time. To access these tutorials that are part of EBA’s free airbrush temporary tattoo services please click here.

Airbrush Tattoo Services - FINANCE A SYSTEM

EBA airbrush temporary tattoo services now include financing options for qualified businesses interested in starting an airbrush tattoo business….Read more


As part of airbrush temporary tattoo services EBA offers custom design and print of stencils, custom graphics, signage, POS displays and many more. Unlike others, EBA does not outsource printing, graphic artwork, stencil design and stencil manufacturing.

In house large format printer, cutter equipment, laser machines, graphic laminators and complete graphic studio allows EBA to customize and create attractive signage, displays, POS units, thus providing your business with effective marketing tools designed to fit your business needs.

Airbrush Tattoo Services - WEBSITE ASSISTANCE

Website assistance is another airbrush tattoo service offered to EBA Alliance members. Should you have a need to create a powerful and attractive website to get your business in front of potential customers, please contact our CUSTOMER SUPPORT.


Please, call 800 991 4322 to find out about options and opportunities for your location provided by EBA - European Body Art.