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Portable Airbrush Body Art Equipment


EBA offers the largest selection of airbrush workstations on the market. EBA airbrush workstation equipment provides your business with maximum organization, storage space and professional appearance. Whether you are an amusement park or business on the road we have the right airbrush workstation equipment to fit your needs.

Portable airbrush workstations and airbrush tattoo tables: EBA T-3 and T-5

Portability is an indispensable aspect of every business on the move. T-5 and T-3 airbrush workstations combine functionality, durability and attractive design into a one piece airbrush workstation equipment. EBA T-3 and T-5 airbrush workstations will also allow you to transport all your airbrush equipment and supplies at once, thus saving you valuable time while preserving your energy after a long day event.

EBA T-5 and T-3 airbrush tables are designed for businesses on the move where portability, organization and proper storage of airbrush equipment and supplies are indispensable. Both T-3 and T-5 airbrush tattoo tables are not only functional and durable but also exceptionally attractive. Decorated with aluminum surface, stainless steel accessories, custom foam cut and reinforced with impact resistant braces, T3 and T5’s design falls into a category of more than ordinary airbrush workstations.

Stationary airbrush workstations and airbrush tables: EBA T-1 and T-4

T-1 and T-4 airbrush workstations are developed for locations with high traffic and businesses demanding top performance. Some of the main futures of T-1’s and T-4’s airbrush workstation equipment include large storage space, multi-stage airbrush workstations, custom graphics, locking wheels, pull/push handle, compressor compartment with draining slot and powder coated steel construction.

T-1 and T-4 are the most professional airbrush workstations used by a vast majority of amusement and water parks and businesses servicing larger fairs and festivals.

Custom airbrush workstations

Do you have a need for custom airbrush workstation or airbrush table portraying your company logos? EBA can customize or build custom airbrush workstations based on your needs. Please call customer service at 1800 991 4322 or submit your inquiry to our CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

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