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Introduction to an Airbrush Tattoo Business

By now you must have done at least a small bit of research and you must have asked yourself this question on several different occasions…..“What company and system should I go for?” “Is this a good idea after all”?

This guide will help you answer some of your questions/concerns whether you are starting an airbrush tattoo operation or just adding more products to your existing operation. Here we will provide you with helpful information on what system to look for, budgeting, what products to choose and why, what is the potential return on your investment (ROI), etc.

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos - now estimated 50 million dollar industry has steadily gained in popularity in the last decade - a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. What is driving this industry?

Tattoo industry is overall gaining on popularity and becoming more acceptable and airbrush tattoos ride along with it.
Post-baby-boom generations and their off-spring are more than three times as likely to have tattoos or try one as their predecessors.

During the last ten years, according to U.S. News & World Report, tattooing has become one of America's fastest growing categories of retail business.

Media is also taking a huge part in spreading the message. Stars of reality shows such us “Inked” and “Miami Ink” and “LA Ink” are becoming an icon for teenagers in America.

There is an enormous market for Airbrush Tattoos
Children, teenagers, business professionals and 90% of adult population share the same secret: they don’t have a real tattoo but will not hesitate to try a temporary one.

According to the Washington State Attorney General's Office, one in 10 adolescents have a tattoo, and more than 50 percent want one!

Airbrush Tattoos look realistic
The colors and shapes of airbrush tattoos are the most realistic form of temporary body art available

Airbrush tattoos are fun and painless
Now anyone, any age, anywhere and anytime can express his/hers personalities through airbrush temporary tattoos.

Airbrush Tattoos are becoming a fashion statement
Airbrush tattoos are now rapidly becoming a fashion statement where people express their individualities in a more contemporary way

Airbrush Tattoos are not permanent
Thirty-seven out of every 100 people who get tattoos want to have them removed.
Airbrush tattoos allow individuals to experiment before making the full commitment.

So, tell me, why I should even start this business with European Body Art?........
Spray Airbrush Tattoos, Have Fun and Make Money with European Body Art™ (EBA)!!!

With our experience and your plan you could generate up to $4,500/DAY or more at an amusement park, $300/hour at private event, $3,000 at a festival or $50/day at a beauty salon using our proven airbrush tattoo systems*.

Enjoy unmatchable Return on Your Investment (ROI) using selected European Body Art systems at selected locations. We will show you how $3,000 system can turn into $90,000 over one summer season. That is 3000% ROI.

When you reorder, $160 of EnduraColor tattoo ink will produce $20,000 in retail sales. A $10.00 tattoo costs less then $0.10 in tattoo paint.

We are professionals that will show you every secret there is to make you succeed and this is why we offer 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on our systems minus a small return fee! Many of our customers easily make their investment back in30 days or less! That says it all – we believe in our systems!

We will provide you with a professional training on site or through our training DVD. You will be on the way to spray money in a few hours of practicing. You do not need any artistic skills to do so. Your stencil will do the creative work for you. Our DVD will train you and your employees. If you can use a spray can you can use an airbrush.

It is all about evolving. It is about bringing your customer something new the next time they stop by. As a result, each year we bring you new products and reinvent the way we look at our business to keep you on the competitive edge.

* These numbers are based on European Body Art and some of European Body Art’s customer’s experience. They are not a guarantee and will vary from business to business.

Starting your own business

First, you need to evaluate what type of business you are in and what type of clientele will you be serving. Is your business a party/ rental company, entrepreneur planning on doing festivals and events, an amusement park or company bidding for amusement park location, salon owner, resort, zoo, aquarium or something else? This evaluation will ultimately determine what designs, equipment, displays, work stations and system you will need. Table 1. Will provide you with general cross reference chart as to what systems we recommend for what type of businesses based on our experience in each field. If you do not find yourself fitting any of these categories please let us assist you further: Call 1 800 991 4322.

Again, this question is relevant to the business you are in and the budget you have.
As a general rule, the more you spent the more you should expect out of your investment, but as you know this statement is not always a true statement. There are systems for $200, $500, $2000 or even $10,000. You can spend $200 for a small system sold to you by a company claiming it to generate same profits as the $10,000 system. But, how would you know?
EBA systems will provide you with the best value for what you spend. Our systems will measurably outperform any competitor systems in terms of dollars made and we take that challenge each year seriously.
In the end you need to ask yourself a question…will $200 saved on cheaper system justify the 1,000’s or even 10,000’s of dollars you could be adding to your profits had you gone with a trusted company such as European Body Art? You need to evaluate your budget, know your clientele and make sure you do a good research. Go with company that will provide you with complete product selection, professional assistance from the first phone call you make and proven return on your investment. Ask for the numbers and ask for results. Can they prove it? Are we that company?...You can bet on it!!! Please see our Customer Testimonial page.

Advantage Plus System. World’s # 1 System among Party Rentals

It is not unusual for our customers to get their money back in 2 days. What business you are in and what venue you will choose will affect your return on investment. EBA systems can make up to $4,500/day. Splish Splash Water Park in Long Island, NY has two European Body Art systems on site. At the end of the 2006 summer season the park totaled $220,000 in airbrush tattoo sales. $4,000 per day is not an atypical number for this location. Table 1.will show you an income earning module estimating your income potential based on the business you are in. Here you will also find what type of system, what type of stencils and what type of equipment we recommend for each business category.

Table 1
Amusement/Water Park Attendance 400,000 year Party rental company
3 day Festival Attendance: 50,000 Aquarium/ZOO
Beauty Salon
Stencils P-Series Premium or L-series LamTac P-Series Premium P-Series Premium L-Series LamTac L-Series LamTac
Equipment EBA 8 Gun System EBA 6 Gun or Spectrum Color Changer EBA 6 Gun System EBA 8 Gun System Top feed airbrush or Spectrum Color Changer
Income Potential $100,000-$230,000/ summer $150-$300/hour $2,000-$4,000 $25,000-$75,000/year $10,000-$20,000/year

*Please note that these numbers are for your reference only based on our own and some of our customer’s experience and do not guarantee the same results for your business.
Our systems are designed from ground zero because that is where we started. Starting from the very beginning gave us an opportunity to refuse repetition and conventional ideas and introduce new systems that would set us apart. Each year we hire close to 50 employees for our airbrush tattoo stores. We have to be up and running within couple of days. Our systems are designed to put your employees and your company in the business in the shortest time possible. Our systems are designed to make you money from the day you receive the system.

We start with state of the art displays that will attract customers to your location where the crowds will gather and you will become the center of attention. We then provide you with the right selection of EBA exclusive designs to make sure every customer’s business is captured. EBA professional workstations will keep your stencils, equipment and supplies organized at all times increasing the efficiency of your operation. Our dependable equipment will help you take care of your customers at the speed of the light. EBA’s EnduraColor body ink, manufactured with the highest quality standards, will provide your customers with highest quality tattoos. Your goal is to provide your customers with an experience that they will remember. Your goal is to make profits. You will do so using a complete package where each component clicks together. A package where you must have it all or it will not function properly– we call it EBA Airbrush Tattoo System – A True Piece of Art. And we invite you to own one of these systems.
To get more information about the individual products within our systems make sure to request a copy of Product Review from EBA.

There are number of companies offering airbrush tattoo products and systems. Only a handful of these companies offer complete selection of products and professional business systems including experience backing up their products. A fewer of them are the actual manufacturer and direct seller of their products. And even fewer of them still engage in operating airbrush tattoo locations to keep up to date with the always changing demands of our clientele. After all, how can we provide you with a successful business system that we have no experience operating? How can we claim numbers if there is no game? We can only speak for ourselves. Today we are capable of designing systems that can bring in $220,000 in less then 4 months. Is there a company that can provide you with systems with the same results? Each year we invite other companies to take on our challenge and no one comes even close. So how do we do it? We simply design better systems than any other company in the world through our experience. Each year we spend months on the scene listening to our customer’s needs. Here is where new ideas emerge, new concepts become reality and our systems are perfected. So what does European Body Art has that other companies don’t?….We call it experience.

European Body Art will provide you with systems and products backed by real life experience and proven successful results. As stated previously, we do not only sell systems and equipment we still engage in airbrush tattoo retail operation spraying 10,000 airbrush tattoos on 10,000 customers each month. We organize and manage private events. We engage in non-profit fund raisers racing through as many customers as we can in couple of hours. Here, reality is turned into real dollar numbers, our systems are turned into pictures that you see in our catalogs and our customers tell our story. Our earnings are turned into true number statements and our experience will help you achieve the same goals. We can show you how to turn a $3,000 investment into $100,000 business. We do not talk to talk. We walk our talk.
We know what designs are hot at what location, what displays will make you the center of attention and what system will provide your customers with the best experience. We live for what we do and we love what we live for. Are there companies with the same experience? Sure there are. Many of our customers can tell you their success story of airbrushing tattoos (Please see our customer testimonial sheet) and we want you to be one of them. Many of our customers provide us with new ideas and guidance. Ultimately, our business depends on you and your success. This is why we do our best to provide you with our best.

We will not only provide you with best system to fit your budget but we will also provide you with the knowledge on how to succeed with the system. From training, event planning, bidding for a contract, pricing, marketing, and troubleshooting all the way to hot line support we will be there for you to ensure your success. Here is a short list of benefits you receive with the purchase of any European Body Art System:
1. Membership to EBA Club: EBA Club will allow you – a member - save up to 40% on some of your reorders; get access to special offers and new products not available anywhere else.
2. Referral Program/Cooperative Marketing: You will be also part of our EBA Referral Program. Here we will send customers your way. EBA spends $100,000 on advertising nationwide. Each day we get phone calls from customers interested in private events or wanting to get an airbrush tattoo. These are the customers we will refer to you if your business is in the near area. All this at no fees – completely free of charge.
3. Marketing Portfolio: This will include price lists for your tattoos, business cards, marketing brochures to send out to your customers, advertising material for your business, care cards and many other benefits.
4. DVD and Operational Manual: Our DVD will train you and your employees. It includes troubleshooting, maintenance and cleaning of your equipment, spraying techniques from A to Z including our secrets on how to maximize your spraying time and get your customers in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have spent over $10,000 creating this DVD and since our last year introduction, our customers reported increases in sales as well as less problems with their equipment.
5. Customer support: Our extended hours customer support will help you save money by assisting you when you need it the most.
6. Warranty: You will receive 1 year warranty against all manufacturing defects on every single component in the system.

Thank you for your interest. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns at 800.991.4322


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Thank you for your interest in our products and we hope to be a part of your success.

Please note: all product prices are in U.S. Dollars.

At EBA we are honest and proud of our work and do not take anyone else's designs. IF you see these designs anywhere else, they have been copied. Please call about this. Thank you!


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