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European Body Art Introduces Innovative ZeroG Airbrush Makeup Tool

Newport Beach, CA — November 1, 2011 — In today's economy, airbrush body art and professional makeup artists are constantly on the lookout for more efficient equipment and airbrush tattoo supplies to increase their bottom line. Recently, European Body Art introduced the innovative ZeroG Airbrush. According to the company's CEO, Jaro Turek, the ZeroG stands for a gravity fed airbrush with virtually Zero limitations. Its patent-pending technology allows its users to switch instantly between different professional airbrush makeup media and colors using only one airbrush.

Additionally, there is no flushing or cleaning involved. With the ZeroG, an artist can use face painting stencils with water based face paints and instantly switch to an alcohol based professional makeup to apply airbrush tattoos. This is possible due to the exclusive ZeroG's technology where the face paints or professional makeup never come in contact with the airbrush. To switch between colors and different professional makeup media the airbrush uses a proprietary system of cartridges that simply slip through the top of the airbrush. The face paint is then withdrawn out of the cartridge without coming in touch with the airbrush as the atomization occurs externally. The ZeroG offers a fast and efficient system without any clogging. The nozzle and needle assembly inside the cartridge keep air from entering the cartridge eliminating the ability for the paint to dry and clog. The cartridges can be stored without any cleaning for up to seven days.

The ZeroG is an ideal system to use when working with face painting stencils, face paints, airbrush tattoos, body paints , and professional makeup. The ZeroG performs fine, accurate details as small as 5 millimeters, yet can fluidly be adjusted to a wide spray pattern for more coverage.

Furthermore, the revolutionary technology only requires one hand to switch between colors and professional makeup media when used in conjunction with the ZeroG airbrush holder. With as little as 5-15 psi, this operation allows a comfortable feel and application for the customer as well as a stencil friendly application. Finally, the ZeroG delivers everything in one small powerful package that takes less than a minute to set up and break down. The ZeroG is, by far, the fastest and the most user friendly airbrush color system available today.

The ZeroG has successfully launched worldwide and the feedback is overwhelming! Watching attendees using the ZeroG at the EAS trade show in London or Nick Herrera, a professional makeup artist, at the North American Face and Body Art Competition, the ZeroG performance is exhilarating and gratifying. Recently, EBA put the ZeroG to the test at the Anaheim Angels baseball stadium during their family fun days. In just over four hours one artist applied over 200 designs using face painting stencils. No other system provides the same efficiency, user friendly application, functionality and performance as the ZeroG System. With zero cleaning, zero flushing, zero clogging and zero limitations, the ZeroG is revolutionizing the airbrush industry and the unique ways that the airbrush can be used!

For more information, visit www.EuropeanBodyArt.com

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Since 2001, EBA has been providing professional makeup products to the special effects, beauty and airbrush body art industries. In today’s world, resources and time are scarce. The focus of the EBA team is to arm professional airbrush makeup artists with products and tools that provide the shortest application time coupled with superior results.

Offering more than 2,000 f/x stencil designs, over 60 shades of airbrush water and alcohol based makeup, an extensive variety of professional airbrush makeup kits and equipment including airbrushes, compressors and countless number of professional makeup supplies, EBA continues to make products that challenge limitations and deliver unexpected performance.

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