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The LamTac Color Coded System allows inventory to be easily tracked by color coding each layer of material. The color coded system allows the person tracking the inventory to quickly see how many stencils are left in the stack of stencils by referencing the color of the stencil on the top of the stack.

Each LamTac stencil has a different color printed on it. Each color stencil will always be stacked in the same order per pack so that the user can easily determine how many stencils are left by referencing the top stencil color rather than taking them out of the bag and physically counting.

The colored stencil also allows the user to more easily see what is being painted on the skin. Because the stencil is no longer clear, the contrast of the stencil material makes the designs details easier to see.

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L-Series Stencils and Displays come standard with LamTac adhesive stencils but can also be special ordered in Premium reusable stencils or a combination of both. L-Series stencils are generally smaller in size and therefore easier to use than the P-Series stencils. L-Series stencils will provide your business with the shortest learning curve, fastest application time and increased sales tracking (LamTac stencil material only). Select a category below to find the largest array of displays and stencils available.

Unlike other stencils, EBA airbrush designs are created from scratch and hand sprayed on a display reflecting the true and authentic colors of EBA EnduraColor body ink.
You will not find the same designs anywhere else which will set your business apart from the rest. If you see any of our designs offered by unauthorized EBA dealer please contact our customer service at 1800 991 4322.
To learn more about EBA stencils/displays visit EBA Product Review.

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